Chapter 28

A Place Called Santa Fe

The Spanish tried to find Cíbola in 1598. This time a man named Oñate tried. But he didn't find it or gold. He did, however, found the Spanish settlement Santa Fe. He had 400 people and 7000 animals with goods carried in 80 wooden wagons. Oñate stole from the Acoma Indians and if they resisted were either killed or enslaved. When he was out hunting for treasure, most of his people left. They tell the court, and Oñate is recalled. Many settlers and priests replace the unlucky treasure hunters. Eusebio Francisco Kino stayed in Arizona for 25 years. He founded many missions. Of course, the Natives are mostly dead because of diseases from Europe and Africa. There were 100 peublos in New Mexico when Fray Marcos came. In 1700, there were only 18.

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