Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Chapter 19 in The First Americans by Joy Hakim is about an explorer named Ferdinand Magellan in 1519 who found China by sailing west from Spain. He also sailed the Pacific Ocean. He left Spain with five ships and 270 men. Magellan. Magellan was headed for the Spice Islands. Magellan thought that he could go faster than the Europeans (who went to the Spice Islands by heading south) by going the other direction. He had thought that the Pacific Ocean was clam and small.

When Magellan and his crew landed on South America, they met cannibals so, they sailed away from them. A crew member, Antonio Pigafetta, kept a journal and wrote in it from time-to-time. One thing that Pigafetta wrote in his journal was to never, ever attempt the voyage again.

Many men died and were dying when Magellan and his crew reached land near China and the Spice Islands. There, they drank putrid water and ate rats. Magellan and his crew had a war with their new friends' enemies. Magellan chose that he and the others would fight the enemies. They had started a war. In that war, Magellan died. But, in Pigafetta' journal, Pigafetta wrote that no one should ever forget Magellan because he was brave. Finally, the rest of the crew members arrived in Spain with only one ship and 18 men. People were astonished when they saw that they had made it though that long and tough journey.

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