Chapter 18

Summary: Chapter 18 Stowaways: Worms and a Dog

On Columbuses' 4th voyage, his ships were attacked by worms. They chewed holes through his hull and marooned him on Jamaica. The Indians helped for a little while, but then they said “ Find your own food.” So Columbus tricked them by saying he had power over the moon at the time of an eclipse. After that the Indians never stopped helping him again. Because Columbus found land, others decided to follow. One of these was John Cabot. He was an Italian man who went to England, got a ship, and landed in Newfoundland. This made England claim North America.
At first, Balboa was a stowaway. But by the time the ship he was on landed, he was in command. The old captain was gone. Balboa made the first permanent European settlement in America. He still had more goals. He wanted gold. This led him to marry the daughter of an Indian chief named Comaco. He said he would show Balboa a land flowing with gold . But Balboa wanted to see the ocean. So he decided to march through Panama. He made it there and back without losing a single man.
So he announced his discoveries to Spain. Then he started planning his expedition to the land of gold called Peru. But the old captain of Balboa's ship wanted revenge. So he falsely accused Balboa of treason. A new governor of Darien sent Francisco Pizarro to arrest Balboa. The governor then had Balboa beheaded.

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