Chapter 17

Columbus found many things on his adventures such as lands he claimed for Spain, slaves Indian and African-American, some goods, and very little gold, but he never found Asia or a gold mine. Columbus’s first adventure was a success, unlike his second one. On his second adventure he had 17 ships and 1,200 men. When they didn’t find China the people got upset and blamed Columbus. So in order for him to keep the people happy he gave them land or slaves. Columbus soon started sending slaves for sale to Spain. He started an agricultural revolution of American corn, peppers, beans, pumpkins, and tomatoes. Different types of vegetables became useful in different places. But people weren’t interested in that they cared about gold and spices. Columbus made four trips knowing that he had great wealth and fame up to his second trip. There was one thing that puzzled Columbus where was all the land he had found. Columbus thought all the land he had found was at the Eden Garden.

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