Chapter 15

A Boy Named Christopher Had A Dream
Chapter 15 Summary
Room 27 October 21, 2008

In his juvenile years, Christopher had two dreams. He first dreamed about going to sea, and then dreamed about sailing to China. His reference was a copy of a book written by Marco-Polo. This book was full of Chris’ notes. Nobody knew how to measure the radius of earth. Longitude and latitude was one way. Columbus sailed out to sea, trying to go to Cipango (Japan). He made a mistake when he miscalculated the measurement of Cathay (China). He studied an old geographer and astronomer by the name of Ptolemy. The Europeans thought if they circled the world, they’d reach the Orient (India to Japan). They thought of the Atlantic Ocean enriched with sea serpents. Columbus asked for three ships, the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria, hoping to return to Europe with treasures. They were wrong. That is when Columbus “ discovered” America.

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