Chapter 7

A Lord, A Hurricane, A Wedding

In chapter 7 the Indians kill off the settlers ,but not completely. While that was happening help was on the way. Two ships were on there way to Virginia one of them was lost completely with everyone on it, but the other one luckily crashed on the rocks of the island of Bermuda. One other bit of luck, with Christopher Newport on that ship two more ships were built. The remaining survivors in Virginia started off back to England. They didn't get to far when they were stopped by Lord de la Warr. With him as the governor and 300 other settlers Virginia was rebuilt. As new settlers came new diseases began to spread so settlers died and Lord de la Warr went back to England because he too got sick. Sir Thomas Dale was the new leader. Dale understood the need for healthier settlements so 2 churches,3 store houses, rows of houses, and a hospital all of that was built in 4 months and was named Henrico after the oldest son of the king of England. Pocahotas was a hostage . she was taught the Christian religionand was given a new name Rebecca. John Rolfe a young Englishman had a plantation nearby and fell in love with Rebecca. soon after a wedding was held. John took Rebecca to England. When she heard that John Smith was still alive she wanted to see him right away. After he doesn't show up for a while she gets mad at him when he shows up. Rolfe decides to go back to Virginia, but Rebecca doesn't feel like going . While on the ship she gets sick with smallpox and Rolfe stops the ship . Pocahontas was buried in the churchyard at Gravesend.

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