Chapter 11

Indians vs. Colonists

By: Kate Brookner

Many of the Indians were killed or sold into slavery. The newcomers and the Indians would not trade with each other. The Indian leaders tried to live peace with the settlers. That did not work.
The Europeans used up all the land. They cut the forests and filled the land with people.
There was another problem. That was arrogance. Many people believed that they were better than others.
The real problem was that the newcomers wanted the Indian land. The Indians did not want to give it up.

Indians vs. Colonists

There was a pattern of Indians and Europeans meeting and being friendly. Then something bad would happen, like an Indian being killed, and the Indians would strike back. There were good and bad people on both sides.

Indian leaders tried to live in peace with the European settlers. But the Europeans used up the land, cutting down forests and moving in more people. The Indians needed the forests to hunt animals; so many Indian leaders realized they were not going to be able to live peacefully with the Europeans.

Another problem was arrogance. Many Christian Europeans thought anyone who wasn't Christian was inferior. Some Europeans thought that they were better than all Indians and all blacks; this was racism. These racist people made things worse.

The real problem was always land. The Europeans wanted it and the Indians didn't want to give it up. People on both sides tried to share the land, but many Europeans were land-hungry and couldn't be controlled by their leaders.

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