5th Grade Social Studies




Chapter Summaries: Book 1

Students have written summaries of the chapters in our history book.
To look at them, click here

Chapter Summaries: Book 2

Students are writing summaries of the chapters in our history book. Click here to see what they're writing.

Book Three: American Revolution

13 Colonies


Current Events

Local Politics
Symbols and Seals

We have a New President

To Learn about the President Go to The White House website.

To learn about government, go to Ben's Guide to Government.

Election Pages

Students are learning about the electoral system in the United States. Here's what they've discovered.
Political Parties
Hamilton Sides with Jefferson
In a Democracy
The Evolution of Democracy
The 26th Amendent
The People of the USA
Barack Obama
John McCain
The Right to Vote
Election Page
Voting Today
About Democracy

The 26th Amendent

Voting at the ageof 21 was the voting age for a long time. Then came the Vietnam war which killed lots of young soliders. Beacuase of the war the age was reduced to 18. Since the 26th Amendent 1971 voting at the age of 18 has been a law.

Our Issues

Kids Bank
SF Federal Reserve Site
Health Care
Health Care


Check out this interesting graphic.
U.S. States by date

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